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Reppie Facility

The Reppie WtE facility-started full construction in September of 2014 and by September 2016 had completed over 75% of total project activity. Reppie, when completed will process 1,400tons of waste every day and export over 185,000,000KWh of electricity to the Ethiopian national grid.

Development, Design and Construction of the project is conducted by Cambridge Industries Ltd (CIL) and its partner China National Electric Engineering Co (CNEEC).



Waste-to-energy uses municipal waste as a fuel for power generation. Similar to other thermal power plants, the fuel is combusted in a combustion chamber to heat tubes of water within boiler walls. The water is heated until it turns into steam, which is then used to drive a turbine generator that produces electricity. The back-end scrubbing and cleaning of the flue-gasses ensures this energy conversion process adheres to the strictest of European environmental emission standards.