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About Us

Cambridge Industries is a holistic waste management and renewable energy generation company, delivering leading technologies to address waste and energy deficiencies in Africa.

Cambridge Industries produces clean/green energy while solving waste-related problems by reducing the amount of waste going to landfills. We turn one of Africa's most challenging social problems, the management of waste, into a source of new wealth. Cambridge's 'Green Vision' is a comprehensive sustainable clean and renewable power generation and waste management system designed specifically for African cities. Effective power generation and waste management are among the principal challenges faced throughout Africa, particularly in its rapidly urbanizing cities. Cambridge Industries provides local governments with an efficient, cost effective solution to resolving power deficits while managing municipal waste, from garbage collection to the treatment and ultimate conversion of the waste to low-emission, renewable electricity and useful byproducts such as recycled metals and building materials.


  • Waste management services

  • Fuel efficient garbage trucks

  • Waste shredder and sorting facilities

  • Clean Green Combustion facilities